Romantic Drama
WRITER:  Charlie Levi
   ADAPTED FROM:  The novella "Tinian" by Charlie Smith
PRODUCER: Graham Leader


The story of two brothers who run to the ends of the earth in a futile attempt to lay family demons to rest.


It's the early ‘70s and the Vietnam War still rages on. Not far away lies the island of Tinian. Though it appears to be a peaceful haven in troubled times, the mysterious place has ghosts of its own...

PAUL VOSS arrives in Tinian to spend a few weeks with the two people he’s been smitten with his entire life: his older brother, EFFIE, and Effie's childhood girlfriend, HELEN. Filled with hopeful expectations from Effie's buoyant letters home, he is initially dazzled by Tinian's tropical exoticism.

Yet it doesn't take long for a local cockfight to reveal the seedier underside of paradise, and a strained reunion between the brothers to expose familial tensions. Paul soon realizes that Effie’s letters home have been misleading: his writing has been fitful and his relationship with Helen has turned dangerously fragile, being held together more by memories of infatuation than by any real functioning love. And it seems Paul's arrival reminds him not of happier times but, instead, of everything he’d run away from.

Paul now finds himself facing the first real challenge of his adulthood.  Each attempt by Paul to reach out to his brother seems to backfire. Effie has become a brilliant bundle of wounds who treats those around him like bloodied bandages ready to be discarded. Sometimes he seems a prisoner of his pain, but other times he appears to enjoy the license it gives him to lash out. Effie reacts to Paul's attempts at help by going on a wildly self-destructive binge, as if to prove that he’s unhelpable.

As Paul works with Helen to try and save Effie, Effie sets fuses everywhere. Eventually, Paul must choose between his brother’s future and his own and as time runs down, both love and murder claim victims along the way.