A Social Satire About Hate, Intolerance, and Other Family Values

WRITER: Thomas Simmons
PRODUCER: Graham Leader         


Hotshot conservative lobbyist NEIL is hesitant when he learns his baby sister is marrying a man she's only known a month. But the real turmoil begins when their gay brother announces his own engagement... just as Neil accepts a campaign for one of the biggest anti-gay marriage evangelicals in the country.


You can’t choose your family. So don’t even think about picking your in-laws!

Conservative Republican lobbyist, NEIL BARROW (30) is freaking out that his baby sister, WENDY (22), is marrying a man she’s only known a month. He’s even more crazed that his gay brother’s partner, SAM (25), was asked to plan the wedding.

Neil's girlfriend, SARA (32), a martial-arts instructor for women, isn’t all that sympathetic since she's been waiting seven years for a proposal herself. She’s just happy to see someone in Neil’s family making a commitment.

Emboldened by the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, Neil’s brother, BEN (26), announces that he and Sam also plan to marry, which catapults the whole situation up to a new level of disaster for Neil.

Fact is, Neil’s lobbying firm has just landed a big new client: a homophobic, televangelist named FATHER PHIL (60), who’s instructed Neil to develop an anti- gay marriage PR campaign. When Neil balks, his nemesis - the world’s oldest intern - MCCUDDY (40), exploits the opportunity to try and insinuate himself into Neil’s job.

Meanwhile, Sam is planning a ceremony catered by a biker gang and including cross-dressing ushers, circus performers, and a female-impersonator who sings Cole Porter. Wendy’s fiancé, PETER (30), a secret service agent on the president’s detail, loves his new family but he’s keeping a secret that may ruin everything.

Neil and his siblings may just have “crazy” in their genes. Their free spirited mother, MARY (55), didn’t marry any of three men she had children with and she’s never revealed the identities of their fathers.

While he struggles to control all the opposing elements in his life, Neil ends up putting his sister’s wedding in jeopardy, betraying his brother and Sam, and losing Sara. Which brings Mary home from her spiritual cleanse at an Indian ashram to add her own unique perspective to the chaos.

On the day of the wedding, pandemonium ensues when some uninvited guests nearly wreck everything and Neil, Ben and Wendy meet their fathers for the first time under circumstances that take everyone but Mary by surprise.

OUR SISTER’S WEDDING is the story of family, relationships and accepting people for who they really are.