Historical Drama
        WRITER: Tim Rose Price
EXEC. PROD:  Richard Evans
PRODUCERS: Graham Leader
                  Greg Duffy
                 Tim Duffy
DIRECTOR: Jeremy Sims


John Dunraven, leader of a gang of men building the Telegraph Line that will join Australia to it’s European mother culture, becomes enraptured by the indigenous culture that ‘The Line’ must inevitably destroy. Through a series of revelatory events, Dunraven commits himself to destroying ‘The Line’, and with it, everything he has ever believed in. 


In the late 19th century, John Dunraven, surveyer, charmer and ‘enlightenment thinker’, leads a motley crew of colonials as they build the ‘Overland Telegraph Line’ through the heart of the most isolated place on the planet. Beset by hardship, and terrified of the ‘Kayteyete’ – the indigenous tribe through whose land they are forging ‘The Line’ – Dunraven’s men begin to turn against him in favor of Captain Musker, the embittered and god fearing second in command.  In an effort to prove his mettle, Dunraven rides ahead to plot a new course, but disaster leaves him in the care of the very tribe he has tried so hard to avoid. Through this experience he gains a new perspective, as well as the love of the beautiful Kayteyete woman, Pwerle. Dunraven returns a changed man, and in a final, shocking series of events, he finds himself in desperate battle to save the Kayteyete from the destructive power of the modern world he once worshipped.