A Romantic Comedy About Finding True Love In An Impersonal World


          WRITER:  Thomas Simmons
PRODUCER:  Graham Leader


A hotshot ad exec's marriage plans are thrown into turmoil by an unexpected gift from his eccentric mother.


DENNIS AVERY (35) is living the dream: he's the Golden Boy creative director at his Washington, D.C. agency and he's getting engaged to BECKA (25), a sexy, ambitious rising star in event planning and celebrity social-media. They're everybody's idea of a dream couple––especially their own.

Then there's Dennis's mother, WYNONA (63), a rich, stunning, southern belle with four ex-husbands packed into her emotional baggage, and a sense of entitlement based on her First Families of Virginia heritage. Intentionally left off the guest list by Dennis, Wynona crashes the engagement party and upsets their perfect world with a bizarre engagement gift: The Altree House, a dilapidated, historic home in Waterford, Virginia, 65 miles away.

The house is worth $1.2 million even in its current condition––Dennis can sell it and pocket the money––but there's a catch. The Waterford Historical Society requires Dennis to live in the old house until it sells.

Living in the rural village of Waterford among families who have known one another for generations is a foreign experience for Dennis, who grew up in a swank hotel suite with Wynona: no father, no family, no relations.

Meanwhile, Dennis's engagement suffers––Becka's a clutching narcissist who needs big city lights and attention at all times. Dennis's slick, urbane attitude puts him on a collision course with RACHEL WOODSON (33), the passionate, principled preservationist who fled to isolated Waterford to escape a failed relationship and now runs the Historical Society. A troubled ad campaign keeps stress levels high at work. And Wynona continues to stir the pot because that's how she rolls.

Gradually, life in Waterford grows on Dennis. Particularly when he discovers the diary of Sharon Altree, the former owner of the Altree House, who's enduring love for her absent husband during WWII becomes his inspiration for true love.

ROSE OF SHARON is the story of Dennis's journey from the modern, impersonal world of Instagram and Snapchat to the traditional world of people who share values he never knew existed.