Political Suspense - Series
WRITER: Thomas Simmons       
ADAPTED FROM: Eugene Golob's novel, Protokol

PRODUCER: Graham Leader


Forty years before the Russians hacked the American election, a secret international PROTOKOL changed the course of world history.


MOSCOW 1999: In post-Soviet Russia, one of the most powerful of the new oligarchs, GlobusBank president VLADIMIR BORCHENKO (70), along with his partners, NATASHA ALYEVA (25) and NIKOLAI PETROV (28), take on the Russian mob over the privatization bid for a government utility company, MosElectric. When Borchenko refuses the mob’s order to back off the deal, his apartment explodes, killing him.

Borchenko’s American partners, commercial real-estate developer, DAVID KARPINSKI (60), and his son, JASON (26), fly immediately to Moscow to protect their business interests. Jason is taken with the beautiful Natasha, though she seems to have no interest in his overtures. 

Meanwhile, David’s wife, ANNIA (50), flies to Rome to visit the ailing POPE JOHN PAUL II (79), whom she knew in Poland when he was a priest and she was an orphan.

What no one suspects is the ominous connection between these events and a secret Protokol that began in 1972. That’s when David and Vladimir, under the oversight of CIA agent JIM ALLEN (35), began funneling Vatican money to support Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, who ultimately would become Pope John Paul II, and to fund the political fortunes of a then little-known Russian reformer named Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Protokol, supported by Vatican CARDINAL VILLETTI (43), succeeded in electing the first non-Italian Pope in 500 years and assisted in the collapse of the Soviet Communist regime. But in 1999, the deadly tentacles of this clandestine arrangement reach out to threaten the lives of everyone connected.

Maxim Belarin (53), a former operative of Vladimir’s, has plans to run for president of Russia in 2000 with the backing of the same ruthless mobsters who want the MosElectric deal. Belarin has promised to win the bid for them in exchange for their political support, a deal with deadly consequences.

In six spellbinding episodes that flash between the formation of the Protokol in the 1970s and its deadly endgame in 1999, PROTOKOL tells a riveting story of intrigue, romance and global politics.